About Susan


Get Social With Sue! Was a matter of one woman wanting to make social media simple in a way that was fun, engaging and good looking.  Too simple? Yes, that’s the point.


SMC Ventures will help YOU be YOU online, with a minimal investment in time and money.  The bonus is you will look good doing it and reach the audience you are looking for without going down a rabbit hole and spending all your free time surfing the internet.

Sue ‘s background is diverse – she started out in ad agencies buying media space and moved to the corporate world in advertising and marketing at Toys “R” Us Corporate Headquarters.  While there for 18 years, she started representing the company as a spokesperson and ultimately became the Director of Corporate Communications and the “Hot Toy Lady” on national TV.   She’s been on every major national network morning show talking about toys.


She became the first Director of Corporate Communications for The Vitamin Shoppe in 2007 and had the privilege of “tweeting” for the company and hosting quite a few “twitter parties” for Vitamin Shoppe and their division EcoShoppe.


When her son graduated from Middle School she joined a friend in the restaurant business, leaving the corporate world behind.  She took over PR, marketing and social media management for the establishment.  Her main goal was simple – reach local folks with the restaurants brand messages so that the community could find a nice family place to eat, drink, hear an occasional band and have fun.


During her times as a small business owner, many agencies approached Susan and her partner wanting to handle the social media management for the restaurant.   Their fees were more than the budget could handle, and while Susan understood that these companies were worth the investment, she knew that she had the talent to do it herself and that would work just fine.  She’d done it before.  She just needed a system.


Something SIMPLE, that wouldn’t take up all her free time.  


So…..she built one.


After 4 years, Susan's son graduated from high school and she sold out her share to her former partner. It was then that some of her small business friends asked for her advice on how to make their social media easier, just like she did.  And SMC Ventures became a reality.  


If you are looking to run your business and while having a social media presence that doesn’t cost you all your time and money, then SMC Ventures has a plan for you.  It’s Simple.  Really.  We promise. 

SMC Ventures specializes in strategy development, content creation, community management, and targeted advertising.